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Evidence that all modern translations promote “ New Age” doctrines.

Concerning the

Timothy S. Morton


Although every reference listed below may not apply to every new translation,   most of them do apply to the majority. All comparisons are made to the
Authorized King James Bible of 1611

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New Living Translation EXPOSED!

by Robert J. Stewart

The New Living Translation (NLT) is straight from Hell.  On their official website, NLT advertises with the slogan, "Accuracy you can trust."  Unfortunately, the NLT is not very accurate.  The fact that the word "begotten" has been wrongfully removed from John 3:16 should be enough reason for every Christian to trash their NLT.  In fact, I would rip it into shreds first to ensure that no one else is poisoned by it.  To say that Jesus is God's "only son" is a lie!  In fact, God has many sons according to Scriptures such as 1st John 3:1, "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God."  Biblically, God has MANY sons, but Jesus is the only BEGOTTEN Son.  So you see, ANY bible which removes the word "begotten" from John 3:16 becomes heresy.  This includes most modern bibles such as the perverted New International Version (NIV), The Book For Teens (TBFT), the New Living Translation (NLT), the New Believer's Bible (NBB), the Living Bible (LB), and many more.  It is tragic!

Let's face it, the corrupters who are publishing demonic bibles are all out to make a fast buck, filthy lucre!  In order to reach the largest market base possible, they trim and water down the Scriptures as much as tolerable.  This is evil.  God hates Bible corruption –Deuteronomy 4:2, "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you."  Well, the NLT butchers have diminished God's Word by subtracting "begotten" from John 3:16.

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Is this the Word of God?

by David B. Loughran


In (Part 2) of the Stewarton Bible School's booklet Bible Versions…Which is the Real Word of God? I listed 80+ Bible texts from the King James Version; texts which had been corrupted in the Revised Version. I then invited readers to compare those texts with the modern translations they were using, mainly because most modern translations are based on the same corrupt Greek text used to underlie the Revised Version.

Some readers overlooked that introductory paragraph with its reference to the REVISED VERSION and when they found that certain verses in their modern version were not different from the KJV they concluded that the 'proof texts' listed in the booklet were no proof at all.
Their oversight has prompted me to prepare this article which deals exclusively with the New American Standard Version (NASV). God willing I will prepare similar articles dealing exclusively with other modern translations.

Meanwhile you are invited, as in the first article, to compare any modern version with the following texts; because most of them are also influenced by the same corrupt manuscripts (Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus) which underlie the NASV being examined here. You owe it to yourself and family to check out these verses because it is dangerous folly to persist in error once it has been brought to your attention.

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A Comparison of the New American Standard Version (NASV) with the Authorised King James Bible (KJB)


Edited by David Otis Fuller

Scanned to digital form and re-edited by Brandon Staggs

"BUT THE WORD OF THE LORD ENDURITH FOREVER. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you." -1 Peter 1:25

The whole issue of this confusion engendered by such a multiplicity of versions is narrowed down to the following: If the reader believes the Bible to be the verbally, plenary, inspired Word of God in the original manuscripts, then of necessity he must believe that God has providentially preserved it through the ages down to the present hour. For the Holy Spirit has recorded in Psalm 138:2, "I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name."

The Psalmist tells us (12:6): "The words of the Lord are pure words:

as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times." And again in Psalm 119:140: "Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it." If we believe God has, in His great and sovereign Providence, preserved His Book intact through the ages, then there’s but one question left: "Which version is nearest to the original manuscripts?" We maintain with solid substantial proof that the KING JAMES VERSION is that version.

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The Jesus Of The Dake Annotated Reference Bible

by Jeff Spancer

From time to time, this article can be found online. However, the article moves around so much that it often is hard to find – and certainly hard to keep up with the address changes. Therefore, we are also reproducing it below.

     Finis Jennings Dake (1902-87) was a Pentecostal pastor, teacher, and author whose most influential work is the Dake's Annotated Reference Bible. This study Bible, containing notes on the entire Old and New Testaments, was first published in 1963. The Dake Bible is considered the top "Pentecostal Study Bible" by many. In fact, the Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements says, "His 'notes' became the 'bread and butter' of many prominent preachers and the 'staple' of Pentecostal congregations." Dake is very important within Pentecostal/Charismatic circles.

     Dake was a man devoted to the study of the Word of God. In fact, the back cover of one of his books says, "His supernatural ability to flawlessly quote Scripture earned him a reputation as the 'Walking Bible.'" Dake himself claims a supernatural knowledge of the Bible that came soon after his conversion—even before he began to study the Word of God. Dake asserts:

I was immediately able to quote hundreds of Scriptures without memorizing them. I also noticed a quickening of my mind to know what chapters and books various verses were found in. Before conversion, I had not read one full chapter of the Bible. This new knowledge of Scripture was a gift to me, for which I give God the praise. From the time of this special anointing until now, I have never had to memorize the thousands of scriptures I use in teaching. I just quote a verse when I need it, by the anointing of the Spirit.

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By Pastor Dewey W. Williams (1995)

Belle Meadows Baptist Church, 619 Wagner Road, Bristol, Virginia 24201 703-669-4023


This work of exposing the new versions comes from convictions I established in the late seventies while I was still a member of the United Methodist Conference. In 1979, I was sent to Athens Tennessee to complete a conference course to obtain a local pastor's license. Many of the young preachers, if not all of us, had brought our KJV Bibles with us. One of the leading conferences speakers told us to get rid of those old, outdated King James Bibles and to get something up dated. During a break in our classes, I entered a small Bible book store and I purchased two books that God used in my life. One book was by Dr. John R. Rice on the lodge. God used that booklet to open my eyes to the danger of the lodge, and in 1980, I demitted from the lodge. The other book was titled, God Only Wrote One Bible by James Jasper Ray. This brother pointed out how Westcott and Hort used a corrupted Greek text to translate the Revised Version. One night after I came home, I had my wife bring me her New American Standard Bible. I couldn't believe that whole verses were left out and changed. Nearly 200 omissions and changes in the N.A.S.V. shocked both my wife and myself. God used that to give me a conviction that our beloved KJV is the Word of God. As the years progressed, I believe evermore that Satan is behind the modern translations. The once great soul winning denominations have been reduced to social clubs by means of modernist translations that question every important doctrine, needed to get to heaven. God gave me these convictions many years before I ever heard the name Peter Ruckman. Many today want to label every King James Bible Man to be in some far out circle or fellowship. This work on the NIV is a work of faith and labor of love. I want every believer to be equipped for the ever present battle and to have victory over Satan. Oh, that God might use this material to aid God's people to victory in their lives. This is my goal and desire.


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NIV Exposed!

by Terry Watkins


". . . ye have PERVERTED the words of the living God. . ."
Jeremiah 23:36

This generation has a hunger for perversion. What was perversion just a few years ago, is now "normal". What was "hiding" in the closet is now "parading" in our streets. Perversion has found a welcome home – from the living room, to the White House; from our churches – to even the word of God!

Our friend Webster, defines "pervert" as 1. to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true… 2. to twist the meaning or sense of: misinterpret (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977, p.856).

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Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


There has been over 400 versions of the English Bible since the King James Bible was published in 1611. They come in every flavor, fashion and fad imaginable. Starting with the Revised Version (1881); to the American Standard Version (1901); to the Amplified Bible (1958); to the Living Bible (1967); to the New International Version (1973); to the New King James Bible (1979); on and on they go. . .

There’s feminists Bibles such as the Feminist NIV Inclusive and the TNIV; the African-American Jubilee Bible; and the piles and piles of Children’s and Teen Bibles – we have seen it all.

Or. . . We just thought we had seen it all. . .

The latest $cam running the gamut of the Bible PERversion trail is the new "fashion" magazine teen Bibles. They are modeled after the "teenage-fashion" magazines complete with the trendy "beauty secrets", "ask a guy", and "BLABS" columns.

The first to crawl out of the "fashion" pile is the Revolve Bible. The Revolve Bible is aimed directly at the young teenage Christian girl. It is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers under Transit Books ( says of it’s new creation, "It's the complete New Testament, but it looks just like a fashion magazine!" and a little P.$. "Order your copy today at!" A "boy" version of the Revolve is also in the works. Zondervan reportedly, also has "fashion-bibles" on the way. (did I hear ca$h-ching?)

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Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D. Dial-the-Truth Ministries


In July, 2003, Thomas Nelson released the Revolve Bible, a fashion-magazine-turned-Bible for teen girls. Although released in mid-year, the Revolve still was crowned the number one best-selling Bible of 2003! The hugely successful Revolve even sent the lack-luster New Century Version, (the Bible text of the Revolve), revolving from a mediocre #11 to a respectable #5 in the Bible version ratings.

The promise for a guy’s Bible-mag was soon heard. (A Bible-mag for post-teen women, titled Becoming is scheduled for July.)

Well guys, your Bible-mag is here. . .

Titled the Refuel Bible, it contains the worldly splash and dash of the Revolve, but with a guy’s appeal. The hip-hop cover blazes with a rockin’ electric Les Paul guitar. The "rock and roll" cover was designed by Anderson Thomas Design, who also does rockin’ covers for Faith Hill’s CDs, the Newsboys, and many other rockers. One reviewer describes the Refuel cover as, "The splashy cover should attract any young guy interested in girls, hot-dogging on skis, girls, basketball, pop music … and girls."

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Mystic Mess


Dr. Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


NOTE: A condensed version of this tract is available in printed form. Link to Order Tracts is at the end of this tract.

With today’s epidemic of Bible per-versions spreading like a runaway virus, nothing should shock us . . . but buckle up! If you have any spiritual pulse, Eugene Peterson’s The Message will shock you. The Message promotes the mystical New Age message with a boldness never seen in a mainstream Bible. The Message has sold over 10 million copies and has continually ranked among the top five best-selling Bibles. The Message website ( displays endorsements from such prominent Christians as Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Christianity Today, Dan Quayle, Bill Hybels, Gordon Fee, J.I. Packer, Jack Hayford, Jerry Jenkins, Jerry Savelle, John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, Rick Warren, Rod Parsley, Tony Campolo and Warren Wiersbe, among many others.

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Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


There exists literally hundreds of Bible versions scattered throughout Christendom. We have feminist versions such as the TNIV. We have new-age contemplative versions like The Message. We have youth Bibles of every gender, age and flavor imaginable. If there’s a buck to be made – there’s another Bible to be published. The subtle serpent of Genesis 3 pulls every little "trick ‘n treat" in his bag of deceits to question the authority and authenticity of the Word of God.

One such "trick ‘n treat" is the so-called updated "King James Bibles" flooding the Bible horizon.

Unlike the NIV, NASV, NCV or NRSV these King James "wannabes" come with courageous claims of faithfulness to the "original" King James Bible. They wouldn’t dare deviate from the beloved text of our King James Bible (or would they?). They possess impressive sounding "King James" names such as the New King James Bible, 21st Century King James (KJ21), King James III and the Modern King James version. But as we’ve discovered many times, despite the sincerity or spiritual motivation for updating the King James Bible – the results are always the same – a departure from the text of our King James Bible. Whenever the feeble and fallible hands of men touch the Word of God wearing the devious gloves of change – it always breeds corruption and confusion.

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Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D. Vance Publications

The great Baptist missionary, William Carey (1761-1834), was even more well known as a Bible translator. He took an active part in the preparation of versions of the Bible in Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Maldivian, Kashmiri, Armenian, Malay, Hindustani, and Persian. The world owes a debt to Mr. Carey for his labors. Unfortunately, however, some Baptists have wasted their time and energy in trying to improve upon the Bible in English that God has already given to us: the King James 1611 Authorized Version.

Back in 1836, the Baptist preacher, Spencer Cone (1785-1855), resigned his position with the American Bible Society to become president of the newly formed American and Foreign Bible Society. The stated goal of this organization was to provide "immersionist" versions for Baptist foreign missionaries. However, a controversy soon arose regarding the desirability of making an "immersionist" version in English. In 1837, William Brantly (1787-1845), a Baptist, published his "Objections to a Baptist Version of the New Testament" in The Christian Review, a Baptist periodical. And, while the Baptist missionary, Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), had made an "immersionist" version in Burmese, he was opposed to making one in English. Dr. Cone, who wanted an "immersionist" version in English, left the American and Foreign Bible Society and organized the American Bible Union in 1850 for that expressed purpose. In 1851, Spencer Cone, along with William Wyckoff (1807-1877), issued a preliminary "immersionist" revision of the New Testament.

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by Terry Watkins

Coun ter feit \’kaunt-er-fit\: to imitate or copy closely
especially with intent to deceive

The greatest method of deception is to counterfeit.
And the master of counterfeit and deception is Satan.

The Bible in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 warns of Satan’s counterfeit: “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness;. . .” Isaiah 14: 14 tells of Satan’s ultimate counterfeit: “. . . I will BE LIKE the most High.”

And among his greatest counterfeit’s is the New King James Bible (NKJV). Christians that would never touch a New International Version (NIV), New American Standard (NASV), Revised Standard (RSV), the New Revised Standard (NRSV) or other per-versions are being “seduced” by the subtil NKJV.

And though the New King James does indeed bear a “likeness” to the 1611 King James Bible, as you’ll soon see, there’s something else coiled (see Genesis 3:1) “underneath the cover” of the NKJV.

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Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


1966 was a watershed year in the spiritual battle for good and evil.

The atheistic anti-God movement (Matt. 16:23) was formally unveiled as the April 08, 1966, Time magazine blasted on it’s cover "Is God Dead?" Also in April 1966, the satanic church was officially unleashed when Anton Lavey founded the Church of Satan.

And in 1966, the Bible PERversion army recruited a major soldier as The American Bible Society (ABS) released the New Testament of the deceitful and devious Good News for Modern Man Bible.

By 1969, the Good News for Modern Man sold over 17 million copies. Two years later, the number was a staggering — 30 million copies. According to Bible publication stats, more than 100 million copies (some estimates are over 200 million) of the GNB are in circulation. In some countries, the GNB is still the most popular version. A 1991 Gallup Poll awarded the GNB the most popular version in Britain.

In 1976 the Old Testament was completed. The American Bible Society later shortened the name from the Good News for Modern Man to the Good News Bible (GNB).

The GNB’s primary promotion is it’s ecumenical and interconfessional appeal. The GNB claims it is, "genuinely ecumenical, hailed by representatives of every church from Baptists to Jesuit Father Abbott of Rome's Christian Unity Secretariat, who describes it as 'a masterpiece of modern linguistic study'." Because of the GNB’s watered-down, inclusive, tolerant, distortions it was welcomed with open arms by the new age, ecumenical movement, groups such as the liberal leaning Southern Baptist Convention, Billy Graham, the Roman Catholic Church and the National Council of Churches have recommended the GNB.

The American Bible Society has published several special editions of the GNB. They have published several Roman Catholic GNBs including the Catholic Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha books with the official Roman Catholic "imprimatur". They also published an African-American Jubilee edition also including the Catholic Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha books. And of course, ABS published a Teen Extreme Faith GNB which so happens to include the Catholic Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha books complete with the official Roman Catholic "imprimatur".


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Easy to read or easy to deceive?

Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


The New Century Version (NCV) is the product of the Church of Christ affiliated World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) in Ft. Worth, Texas. The path to the New Century Version is a long and winding road driven by Church of Christ cohorts.

In 1978 the Church of Christ WBTC created an easy-to-read Bible specifically for the deaf, titled the English Version for the Deaf (EVD). The EVD is primarily the work of WBTC’s Senior Translation Consultant, Ervin Bishop. In 1983, the EVD was slightly modified, repackaged and published by Sweet Publishing of Ft. Worth as the best-selling International Children's Version (ICV), New Testament. Sweet Publishing is also Church of Christ affiliated. The International Children’s Version was endorsed (as is the NCV) by Billy Graham and used in his crusades.

The International Children’s Bible was also used in the Adventures in Odyssey Bible, a partnership between James Dobson, Focus on the Family and Word Publishing.

In 1984, Sweet Publishing repackaged the ICV as The Word: New Century Version. In 1987, the Old Testament of the New Century Version was released. A few years later, the publishing rights to the New Century Version and the International Children’s Version was acquired by Word Publishing. In 1992 Word Publishing was purchased by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Word Publishing has since been renamed W Publishing.

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Dr. Terry Watkins  Dial-the-Truth Ministries

As all new Bible versions, the ESV “preface” boldly compares itself to the old KJV. And as all new Bibles claim the ESV is just another Bible in the succession and lineage of the King James Bible. And as all new versions innocently claim, it is just a harmless update to the outdated King James Bible. And as all new versions proudly boast, it is more accurate than the prehistoric King James Bible. And as all new versions loudly brag, it is easier to read than the archaic King James Bible. And as all new versions prove – it is simply not true. . .


The following statements from the ESV boast of their heroic deeds:


“Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV Bible? That’s because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past—including William Tyndale’s New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version (KJV) of 1611.”

(Preface, ESV)


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Dr. Terry Watkins Dial-the-Truth Ministries


The beginning of the ESV was May 1997 with a meeting headed by James Dobson. Dobson was deeply troubled with the gender-inclusive issues within the NIV and TNIV. The results of the meeting was the "proposed" creation of a new version without the new-age, homosexual, gender-incusive agenda. Surprisingly, the “troubled” group united around the liberal and apostate Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible. Thus the dubious birth of the ESV was conceived. In September 1998, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor Wayne Grudem and Crossway President Lane Dennis received the blessing of the ecumenical National Council of Churches to build the ESV upon their 1971 revision of the Revised Standard Version. And thus the ESV came to life. . . World Magazine documents the secretive conception of the ESV:

“The version [ESV] had its roots in discussions that took place before the May 1997 meeting called by James Dobson at Focus on the Family headquarters to resolve the inclusive NIV issue. . . The group discussed the merits of the Revised Standard Version, first published in 1952 by the National Council of Churches and recently replaced by the New Revised Standard Version, a regendered update. Some months later, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor Wayne Grudem and Crossway President Lane Dennis entered into negotiations with the National Council of Churches to use the 1971 revision of the Revised Standard Version as the basis for a new translation.” (David Bayly, “Decline of the NIV?”, World Magazine, 5 June 1999)

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