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Claiming to predict the future is an endeavor that almost no “religious text” other than the Bible will attempt. The obvious reason is the writers or “gods” behind these texts have no power to know the future. These texts [Koran, Book of Mormon, Book of the Dead, etc.] make great claims and supposedly reveal great truths, but they contain no prophecy unique to them to establish these “truths.” The Holy Bible, however, does not suffer from these weaknesses. It flawlessly and accurately predicts future events hundreds of times without failure. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the major proofs that the Bible is [not contains] the very words of the Living God: the creator of all things and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and all who believe on Him. When the Lord writes a book He places traits and proofs among His words that no man or devil can duplicate.

Below is a sample of the Lord’s predictions concerning the first coming of His son Jesus Christ. There are 200 or so listed, each with a reference to the prophecy and its fulfillment.  A study of these references will reveal to the seeking soul that the Bible is a unique book and like no other. To an honest seeker these prophecies prove the divine nature of the Bible. To a believer they reassure him of the truth of God’s word in these times of doubt. They are infallible.

The believer should notice that these prophecies are not vague, indefinite predictions that leave room for “spiritualization” or “interpretation.” They are specific predictions with specific fulfillments. This indicates the way a person is to approach the Bible. One is not to treat is as a book of general truths open to interpretation as is so common today. It is to be treated as the literal and specific words of the God of creation to mankind.

This list deals with messianic prophecies that have already been fulfilled. It does not mention the prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled at Christ’s second coming. However, the fulfillments of the past foreshadow the fulfillments of the future. That Christ will one day stand upon the Mount of Olives as a conquering warrior in bloody garments [Isa. 63:3-4] is as certain a fact as His hanging on a cross as a lamb.

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The Fear of Prophecy
The Greatest Fear of the Koran, Book of Mormon, and other “Religious Texts”

Edited by
Timothy Morton

Scared to Death

Probably the greatest proof that the Holy Bible is the very word of God is its flawless proclamation of prophecy. Unlike the other religious texts, the Bible does not hesitate in the least to make many highly detailed predictions anywhere from 6000 years to a few years before the events come to pass. And they ALWAYS come to pass!

This should be no surprise from the ONLY religious book that claims to be a “book” of prophecy (Rev 22:19), that speaks “words of prophecy” (Rev 22:18), brought about by the “spirit of prophecy” (Rev. 19:10).  Prophecy is the Bible’s forte, so to speak. It is as content in making far-reaching and “impossible” predictions as you are breathing air. With the fulfillment of its predictions, what better proof is there than this to show it is the pure words of the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, God of heaven?

Nothin’ But A Miracle

Making accurate prophecies that are fulfilled to the letter is miraculous. Just as miraculous as Moses parting the Red Sea or the Lord Jesus Christ raising Lazuras from the dead. It is “not of this world.” So all who are enthralled by prophecies, predictions, and “looking into the future” should be reading the Scriptures. However, most don’t. They are more interested in the very vague “predictions” of a kook named Nostradamus (that can be made to mean nearly anything) than the precise prophecies of the Scriptures.

In comparison, the “other” religious tomes, (Koran, Book of Mormon, Book of the Dead, etc.) are frauds. They cannot accurately make any prophetic proclamations because they are NOT “given by inspiration” from the God of Heaven. None of their authors would risk the ridicule that would transpire if they made predictions  that never came to pass, so they relegated their texts to benign prose or poetry. They were ALL afraid. Unlike the King James Bible, they have no way to prove their validity.

The Proof is in the Puddin’

For those who doubt the Bible’s claims, or those who only need some reassurance in these trying times, below is an excerpt from Arno Gaebelein’s article on Fulfilled Prophecy… in the nearly century old book, The Fundamentals of the Christian Faith. It details the prophecies of Danial chapter 11 and their fulfillment in history, proving to all who will consider, the divine source of the Scriptures.

Regardless of all the religious tripe you hear today, dear born again believer, concerning the Scriptures and other religious books, there is no comparison…

Christian, There Is No Book Like Your Book!

Below is documented PROOF!

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