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The Importance of Thee and Thou

The Following excellent article was written by
Pastor E. L. Bynum | August 1995

A New Bible With No `Thou Shalt Nots’

The following story was taken from the pages of a newspaper. We quote it word for word, so our readers can see this shameful story.

Thou shall not find any `thou shall nots’ in new Bible translation

The Contemporary English Version of the Bible-arriving in bookstores next month propelled by an $8 million advertising blitz-may be the most easy-to-read translation of the perennial bestseller ever published.

Other recent translations have already dumped the troublesome thees, thous and whithersoevers of the 17th century’s King James Version. But millions of Americans still weren’t sure just what such things as an ark and a manger were, American Bible Society translators found.

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