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By Chad Lyndon Dills

So what's the point of this comparison? It shows that the Book of Mormon has committed plagiarism by utilizing our beloved Final Authority (THE KING JAMES BIBLE) without "giving credit to whom credit is due." Is the Book of Mormon a direct revelation from God? Not a chance! To say that the Book of Mormon contains THE TRUTH is like saying that you found a diamond ring in a trash can. –the administrator of the Bible Believers' Home Page.

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The Plain Truth about the Mormons

The Mormon movement began with “the prophet” Joseph Smith, Jr. in the year 1820. Joe (as he was known) was born to some rather strang parents in 1805. His mother, Lucy, was involved in occult practices and visions, while his father, Joseph, Sr., consumed much time with imaginary treasure digging (including the booty of Captain Kidd). Read the rest of this entry »

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