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Is The King James Version Nearest To

The Original Autographs?

by David Otis Fuller, D.D. (1903 to 1988)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

[This pamphlet is a resume of the book "Which Bible?" now it its fifth edition and again enlarged to 350 pages.]

Of The Multiplying Versions of God’s Holy Word, is the King James Version Nearest to the Original Autographs?

By Dr. David Otis Fuller

From 1611 A.D. to 1978 A.D. is a long time in any man’s language. Three centuries plus sixty seven years. That is how long the King James Version of God’s Holy word has lasted. How come? It is still going strong despite the attempts of the Liberals and alas! the Conservatives to downgrade this version using the worn cliché of the critics, “Older and more accurate manuscripts have been discovered to change the meaning of many passages.” Such a statement is not true and we have abundant evidence for it.

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