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New Bible Versions Tested

by Dr. S. Frank Logsdon

THE “NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE” Find out why the man who wrote the Preface for the NASB ended up repudiating it.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. S. Frank Logsdon has pastored a number of churches, including the MOODY MEMORIAL CHURCH in Chicago, Illinois. He was deeply involved in the publication of the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE. AS a matter of fact he wrote the PREFACE for the NASV. He was a close personal friend of Mr. Dewey Lockman, a business man who proposed its publication. Lockman had the money to get it done, and Dr. Logsdon encouraged him to do it, and helped in every way possible to get it done. The article before you explains in Logsdon’s own words, how he came to the conviction that he should repudiate the NASV. He also deals with the errors of a number of other versions. This message needs to be circulated. E. L. Bynum)

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