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A Guide To Understanding The Scriptures
Ten Ways to Help Get the Most Out of Your Bible Reading and Study

Timothy E. Sharp


From time to time we receive material from others for our consideration. The value of the submissions, in our judgment, varies greatly. However, occasionally we receive a gem, a submission that is true to the Scriptures and sound in doctrine. Below is a prime example.

Like many of us, Timothy Sharp was a typical Fundamental Baptist who generally adhered to the typical Fundamental Baptist mentality concerning dispensations and dividing the Scriptures. That is, spin, twist, or explain away any passage you can’t understand. As those who have read our book “The Difference Is In The Dispensations” realize, the mantra of Fundamentalism concerning salvation and dividing the Scriptures is “People in every dispensation are saved exactly the same as we are today, saved by grace through faith.” Like any Romanist preaching their “official doctrine, ” they continue to preach this mantra at the expense of the truth.

In view of this, where should a Christian’s alleigences lie? With the so-called Fundamentalists and their distortions or with what the Scriptures actually say? This sounds like a moot question, but it is not. Many will adhere to Fundamentalism even when they realize the Scriptures actually say something different than what Fundamentalism teaches. It takes courage to stand up for the truth and maturity to admit and abandon error.

Below is an excellent outline by brother Sharp detailing the method and Scripture he used to finally break away from error. After reading the King James Bible through over 50 times in the last 25 years, Brother Sharp decided he could no longer endure the official Fundamentalist position. He shifted from what he calls a “ Fundamentalist” paradigm” to a “ Bible Believer’ s paradigm, ” placing the Scriptures alone at the pinnacle of authority. Study this outline and learn.


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