My Turn for a Testimony

As Forums are peculiar places, not having the liberty to "know" someone in person can lead to strife and contention because we ALL have our faults, however letting us know a little about who YOU are in the Lord Jesus Christ will go a long way to building genuine Bible Believing Christian fellowship.
You are more than welcome to share your testimony here.
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My Turn for a Testimony

Postby PeterAV » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:58 pm

I pulled an Acts 19:19 with my wife the first day I started to read NABV.
Below is a partial testimony. A post from a couple years ago.
The first part is of my salvation, and the second is becoming a full fledged KJB man along with my wife.

A little about what God has done in me:
I suppose I was saved early. The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou
hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh and wither it
goeth: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.

The Basics of my Salvation

I live in Canada, a German Jew. My mother fled the Russian Front in WWII from
Eastern Germany into Western Germany. She finally married in '51 and moved to Canada
in '52?I was born in St.Boniface, Manitoba, in '55,but the family moved out
right away after my birth. About a week before I turned four, I became a
foster child. This was the first time that I was introduced to Church.

I still can remember the first time my new mom took me to Sunday School in
Sechelt.The kids were happy,they knew all these happy songs and the actions
that went with them. I was impressed, for sure. By the time I was six, we then
moved up to Powell River, [the most spectacular place on earth].

We plugged in to the Westview Baptist Church there, and I was learning all
the verses, and doing all my booklet work each week. I had such a hunger for
the word even as a young lad,that my mom would regularly tell me to turn
out the light at 12:00 to 1:00 in the morning. It was normal for me to read
the Holy Bible and memorize verses just because I liked the verses. I
remember doing my own searches in the Bible because the tiny concordance in
the back of the Holy Bible was not anywhere near as good as I already knew

I remember the Gospel being preached from the pulpit and I would believe the
truths, But I never publickly made any confession other than at home.

Also we were given New Testaments by the Gideon's; and I do remember reading
the confession for salvation on the inside. I prayed the sinner's prayer just
to make sure; and I signed my name to it, putting the date to it, as well.

By the time I was a young teen, I was so fast at finding my verses for sword
drills, that it usually became 'Peter against the rest of the
Church, including the adults'. But I did get beat finally when I was 15 by
this pretty girl. I didn't clue in that she liked me, and I was quite shy to
talk, anyway.

The pastor was making his regular announcements, and he mentioned about an
evangelist that would be at the next Bible Summer Camp at Lake Retreat, just
outside of Seattle. I remember my ears really perked up when the pastor
said, "And any of you that don't know if you are saved, or want to get
saved; This evangelist will do a great job at telling you how to get saved."

I prayed to the LORD as I was digging in the garden as was my duty, and I
stopped. I said, "LORD, I'm saved, aren't I? I believe in you. Then I took my arm
off the shovel and started back to digging the garden.

The speaker's name was Bill McKee, and he preached on End times the whole
week. But on August the 28th he changed it half way through and gave the
salvation call. He talked of the need for the Saviour, our sinfulness, our
inability to save ourselves. But what I remember most is the hot feelings
over my body as I listened to his words. Words like, "You feel that? That is
the Holy Spirit tugging upon your heart; he is bringing great conviction upon
you right now." He quoted reams of salvation verses, one right after another.

Then he made the offer, and it was tough. He got us teens that would like to
get saved, or make sure that we were really saved, to confess him as LORD
right there individually in front of everyone. Wow! That is steep. But then he
would say how if we were ashamed of him that Jesus would be ashamed of us. He
also showed that confession is made unto salvation.

So one by one, they would take turns confessing there sins to the LORD and
accepting the LORD as Saviour and their need for him. By the time the eighth
one spoke out, I could feel it real heavy upon me,and I knew that I had to
make absolutely sure. A couple more, and one that was near to me,and that
confirmed to me that it was then my turn. Out came my confession, and all the
speculation and wonder and fears and most of all, the weight disappeared.

There I was on the pew blurting out to the LORD my need of him.

O the feeling of all that weight, was GONE! I was so happy in my Salvation. So
much so,that I quickly wrote down the date and time in my Bible. I was so
happy that I would say; "Guess what? I am three minutes old in the LORD
now! "Later it would be one hour and five minutes, etc., and by the breakfast
table it was some 11 hours and minutes. Bill McKee overheard me celebrating
in my faith, and used it in his next sermon call. This time is was for

"Will you give all your life to serve the LORD?"

I was happy enough to get saved, and at that time I thought that 'serve the
LORD' meant that you had to be a Pastor. Anyway, later on that night, he did
the very same thing, but instead of a 'salvation call', it was for 'service'. I
remember the room getting all quiet and the same demand again. "It needs to
be in publick."

So one by one the few that did want to serve the LORD started to confess the
thing. The same thing happened to me, with the pressure of the thing. Finally
when I could sense that it was my turn, I just bowed my head and looked at
the floor and shook my head no. And so the LORD and I had a few tussles after
that in the future. But I was so happy in my new life that right when I got
home, I told what had happened, to the Church.
I was baptized upon my confession of faith. WOW!
Peter Fuhrman
Every word of God is pure:


Becoming a Holy Bible believer.AV1611

And now my turn.
I was raised in a little Baptist church in Powell River, B.C.[The most
spectacular place on earth].
Our church used the Holy Bible but when push came to shove, one could see
compromise in the church,even as an elementary student. I remember seeing
"the Good News" hanging around. I remember one of the Grandmas telling me
that it was not a REAL Bible; that only the one that we have is the real Holy

I was very good at learning the verses and at sword drills.By the time I
became a teenager, I had hundreds of verses memorized fluently. At sword
drill time in Sunday School general sessions It became Peter against every
one including the adults. It wasn't until I was about 16 that I lost my first
sword drill to this pretty girl that was interested in me, but I was quite
slow and even more shy.

The back of the hymnals would have the responsive readings, and so I would
read along and go "HEY, This is not the Bible. And there would be the odd time
that all of the congregation knew it too and the Pastor would have to
explain the situation that the RV was the translation in the back of the
Hymnals. Some pastors that we had would not use it, and would have us all read
from the Bible.

I would look up verses very fast to check the hymnal, going, "Hey, that doesn't
sound right, and I would be right. So I ended up having a peculiar confidence
in my own estimation of things. This was turned to pride, of course.

I fell into sin and the confidence disappeared,But I did love God's word.I
remember living in  cockroach infested hotel rooms in the downtown east side
of Vancouver where all the druggies and alchi's hung out and get their free
meals at the Missions.

Myself,I vacillated back and forth,from street life to being with the
Children of God cult, or living with friends, or my brother on the farm, in
Quesnel, B.C.

I had quite the interest in the truth. Over the years I would hear "the
Greek" this,and the "so and so Bible" says this. And honestly my curiosity
got the better of me. I started to collect Bibles; every month it was another
Bible. I would compare them with the real Holy Bible.

I ended up with boxes and boxes of translations. I missed out on a 1700's
American produced Bible as well.$$$
As I was comparing these versions and reading my own Holy Bible, I became
more and more confused. I knew that when one says one thing and the other
says the other thing and sometimes one would not agree with any, it caused
great concern and most of all, great confusion.

I sat down and started to think about this, for even some verses would say
the "OPPOSITE" of what the Holy Bible says, but these 'Scholars' would tout
the version as the best thing to happen since penicillin. I became shocked and
confused, thinking, how could men of God [if that is what they are] say such
things and get people to believe them? This is serious stuff.

I remember one day soon after that, that I decided to have a talk with the
LORD. The discussion was very short. I said [after studying translation
after translation, and comparing versions non-stop]and after doing some

I had exhausted myself into this research and was at an end of myself. I loved
God, and desired to serve him, no matter the cost.
The LORD laid upon my heart to fast and pray. So right away, I started
considering all of the godly and Biblical numbers in the Holy Bible.
One-God is one-That is a definite.
Three-the trinity-another definite.
Twelve-twelve, another
40,Yaa!Lets go for forty.
I settled for Three.
umm, lasted two.
But during those two days I had poured out my heart to God;I confessed every
sin that I could think of at the time; so, by the end of the second night, I
had a real peace come over me. I layed down and said, "I love you LORD and I
just want to live for you. Whatever happens  tomorrow, I don't know what it
is, but I just want to live for you."

I ended up at the Carral Street Mission the next night. It was Jubilee Bible
College Students turn that night.

I sang the songs,with purpose,when it was testimony time I would say a short
But I looked horrible.
I had just made a vow to God and cut my hair off with a pair of ordinary
scissors. Ugly.
At the end of the session the Bible college students surrounded me and one
of them [a red haired man with big burly eyebrows] places his hands on me and
said gruffly;

"I see you love the LORD! How would you like to go to Bible School? Don't
worry about the finances, God will take care of that."

Well, considering the last couple days and my prayer and fasting; how was I to
say no to God. I accepted,and two days later on Monday, I was in Bible school.
They used only the KJB. They asked us to use it as well for classes.

During my time at Jubilee, we had the opportunity to do projects on anything
we wanted once or twice per year.
Twice, I picked the KJB and its history.

After Bible school I started to get all sorts of Greek and Hebrew helps, for
that is what the teachers were always quoting. So I got my
Strong's, Vine's, TWOT, etc.

After a time I happened on the tracts of the Trintarian Bible society.
Well that sure strengthened my faith in the Holy Bible, and gave me ammunition
against the corrupted materials, but it did not register. All it did is make
me a KJB preferred man.

I remember thinking that if I could learn a few Greek words and what
not, that I could have people come to me and learn of me. I could be the final
arbiter. But I sensed the evilness of it and did not follow through all the
way with that. But I did dabble and push my way around and try to impress my
friends, that I was an authority. LORD, forgive me. I learned the Greek and made
my own dictionary.

I ended up joining the Trinitarian Bible Society, but they were happening to
have legal disputes with the England main Branch. At that time, I was taken back by
that, and so discontinued my membership with them. I still have a couple of
their tracts. I met a couple of folks from the trinitqrian Society at the Missions Fest, in Vancouver, B.C.

I remember about that time, that someone had placed a tract in the back of
the church, in Powell River. And since I was the janitor, I had lots of time on
my hands to stay at the church on Sunday afternoons and read. Plus I lived
several miles outside of town. So I read this tract called New age Bible
I was shocked at the egregious errors of the new versions and was more
determined to stick to the real Holy Bible.

I ended up getting married in Nelson, B.C. and brought my wife back to Powell
River, B.C.
We attended this little country church about eight miles out side of town at
their request.
After a while in the summer, we were asked to house-sit for an elderly couple
from the church, because they were going to go to Alberta, visiting
relatives. We accepted.
So there we were on the beach of the ocean with
Texada Island in front of us as we faced south. And Vancouver Island in
behind that. Very spectacular, indeed.

We settled in and looked around the house and I noticed his library [ as I
always do] for my own library was quite the swelling size as well. By this
time I was confident in the KJB as the real Holy Bible, but yet had no real
working knowledge as to why it was better than the others, other than what
most people would see.

I noticed in the middle of the bookshelf this Black book, entitled New Age
Bible Versions.
It rang a little bell, and after a minute of gaining the confidence to touch
his book, I opened it up. I was aghast!!!The information was overwhelming.

Every page had something of crucial importance of what I was looking for to
determine these answers that I needed. At that time, I was just briefing
through the pages. I would tell my wife, Nadine, "look at this!!" and then she
would take the book and look up a few pages herself and show me. And then we
both were reading and looking at it together.

The evidence was so overwhelming that right there, even though I knew that
the KJB was THE HOLY BIBLE, this sealed the deal for me in a way that brought
instant repentance in both of our lives. That very same day, or the day
after, we were deciding to go back home a get all of our other Bibles and
bring them to the Beach house.

My wife said tomorrow but I think I persuaded her to make it today, either
way, it was right NOW.I felt the urgency of the whole thing. Anyway,we drove
back home, grabbed every other Bible, including our NKJV wedding Bible and
brought it to the Beach house.

We took them all out to the back of the house and started a fire beside this
stump. We repented and ripped up  fifty pages or so at a time out of every Book
and vowed to stay true to the Word of God. It was a rejoicing day watching
those lies go up in smoke and flames, including our brand new Wedding

We had pulled an ACTS 19:19 in the back yard beside the stump that Summer

I read the book some four times straight through. Then I started reading
other authors on the same subject.
I started so get quite the education on Bible history. I remember reading
Church history books and not understanding why they kept talking of the
Catholic Church as the church when they were as they were. Then after reading
NABV,and other Bible version authors, all of history started to make complete
Now when I read and study the Holy Bible, it is with purpose and with much
consecrated passion.

Years later, I finally got my first computer;the rest is

Peter Fuhrman
Every word of God is pure:
Peter Fuhrman

Holy Bible
There is only one.
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Re: My Turn for a Testimony

Postby armadillo » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:24 pm

Amen Br. Peter,

Thank you for posting your testimony, it was a blessing to read and an encouragement.

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Re: My Turn for a Testimony

Postby Valerie » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:27 pm

Image   Brother Peter to KJBBF&S.   Wow that is some testimony, thank you so much for sharing it with us.  The hairs on the back of my neck were standing out whilst reading it.  I pray your time spent here with us will be of profit to you in your daily walk and that all praise and Glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 1:17-18 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

Blessings to you and yours.

In Christ.

Romans 10:11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
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Re: My Turn for a Testimony

Postby Chette » Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:19 pm

thank you for that detailed testimony.

blessings and welcome
Psalm 49:3 My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart [shall be] of understanding.
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