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Postby Chette » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:04 am

China is not easily moved by Political threatening and often squashes any political descent but it looks as we have found a weakness in China's tough shell.

PETA recently was able to influence enough chinese as well as foriegners to pressure a certain group in China from holding there Annual Dog Tasting Competition.  A 600 year of event has been politically stopped by PETA.

go here to read more. ... at%2Bfest/

Once these political groups get in the door of China as in the above example, China will not be able to maintain its control over the people and its own government.   It is these same liberal groups who are responsible for the destruction of the American Way free market enterprise and capitalism that will be the downfall of China if the Lord tarries.  These groups have caused the EPA and FDA and other groups to regulate beyond reason until it has completely killed the American industry both agriculturally and Industrially.  The world will not learn the lesson that recent history has already taught.  China will be defeated from within just as the US was.
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