Israel Warns of Escalation After Tel Aviv Missile Firing

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Israel Warns of Escalation After Tel Aviv Missile Firing

Postby Chette » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:36 am

You can follow and read more here ... eader.html

But what I wanted to point out is the Biased anti-Israel approach of this article.

It fails to tell you that the Hamas started firing on Israel 4 days before Israel made any move to counter-attack the terrorist in Gaza.

They wrote the story in such a way to make Israel the aggressor and it just is not so.

pray for Israel that God will protect them as he promises too.

I was happy to learn the UK recognized that the current situation was indeed the fault of Hamas and that they should cease all rocket fire into Israel.  Everyone else seems to be pointing fingers at Israel as the aggressor.
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