Gordian Quest Tips For Beginners – Best Characters, Skills, And More


Gordian Quest Tips For Beginners – Best Characters, Skills, And More

Slay the Spire meets Mega Man Battle Network in this deck-building RPG.

Gordian Quest – (Realm 40) One Turn Win

GORDIAN Quest – An RPG Deckbuilder – Is It TOO Complex?

An epic deckbuilding RPG inspired by old-school classics like Ultima and D &D. Thanks to Mixed Realms for sponsoring the video! Check out Gordian Quest on Steam ► https://bit.ly/Gordian_Quest ���� Other Playthroughs You’ll Enjoy ����
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Gordian Quest Bard Tones: How to Multiclass as Naran

Naran the Bard has a unique role in Gordian quest as the bard. She uses a system of powers known as Bardic Tones using Mettle, Tempo and Glamor tones. These can make multiclassing as the bard difficult, but Naran can come through with the right combinations.

concepts like deckbuilding and turn-based strategic combat. Lead and nurture parties of heroes. Forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Journey forth and unravel the ancient curses set upon your land.

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Gold = Damage in NIght of the Full Moon

Hey Heroes,

Act II is being officially released today!

Thanks to those of you who tried it out during beta stage and gave us your valuable feedback, we are excited to unveil a whole slew of new additions and improvements to the game. We will be touching on some of them later in the post. Along with the release of Act II, it is the perfect time to jump back into the game!

Also, in this update post, we will be talking a bit about an upcoming mode called the Gauntlet Mode we will be working on to make Gordian Quest even more replayable and enduring.


We’ve been listening to your feedback, so you’ll notice many changes to various cards across the board.

Here are the more notable ones:
AP cost, damage, and utility have been rescaled for many cards. Many skills are much more viable now, and we are still actively making changes as deemed necessary.
Skill cards used to only scale damage and guard with stats. Now, stats also scale healing and statuses, keeping buffs and debuffs competitive as the game goes on. You can hold down Ctrl to inspect the various scaling mechanisms on a skill card.
Skills that don’t scale at all now have a grey header. These are skills that remain useful at any stage of the game due to the nature of their mechanics.

New Talents
New Talents have been added, allowing you greater control over your deck and combat abilities.

Codex changes
You can now view all skills and items via the codex, even if you have not found the card yet. The card will only be visually dimmed if yet to be collected.

Item Changes
We continue to add items and rework old ones, some of which grew long in the tooth as the mechanics of the game evolved past launch. 60 new Legendary items have been added, giving even more variety to early and late game builds.

Quality of life changes
Many other quality of life changes have been added in, with notables including :
Ability to toggle battlefield view while choosing a card.
Manage hero skills and equipment from the guild hall/operations tent.
Selecting cards in battle by using the number key row.
Bulk purchasing items in stores.
Color blind mode for cards.

Accessing Act II

After completing Act I, you will be able to access Act II from the main menu. Each Act is a self-contained adventure, so you will start the adventure with a fresh party – however you can carry over the benefits of Hero Renown from Act I, so you will be able to start off with select advantages.

The Bard
Naran the Bard joins the roster of heroes! She yields a delicately precise form of magic through a series of harmonies. She can lead a turbid orchestra that feeds fear or a soothing aria that inspires courage where there was none. She wanders the realm in pursuit of adventures and companions that can inspire her music.

Naran’s skill schools revolve around three main themes :
Effects that strengthen her party’s offensive capabilities, or weaken and expose the enemy.
Effects that cause direct harm, whether through the magical nature of her music or her trusty slingshot.
Effects that can confuse and control her foes, turning them to her side, albeit temporarily.

An Expanded Bestiary
Here is a look at some of the new enemies you’ll encounter in this new region. They’ll possess new and deadly traits that you’ll need to prepare a good response to, lest they rip your party to shreds! The desert is a dangerous place.


Do you have this thing when you playing a game and for some reason even after a while you still finding new things you should already know? Maybe this could help.

If you think i forgot something obvious let me know down below in the coment section and start with tip#11 😉 i wonder how many tips we can gather under this video. 🙂

Also i would like to mention that this game is already fully released and they still bringing new stuff port for consoles is on the way and expansion as well.

BTW its a rogue-like, card deckbuilding, RPG game with a lot of mechanics and possibilities.

00:10 – tip#1 AOE is a King
01:10 – tip#2 Save For Resurection
02:11 – tip#3 Fate
03:15 – tip#4 Skill Rerolls
04:25 – tip#5 Different Stats
05:23 – tip#6 Secondary Stats
06:22 – tip#7 Salvaging and Enchanting
07:25 – tip#8 Sockets
08:18 – tip#9 White Runes are Powerfull
09:19 – tip#10 Help Them All